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Republican Party Central Committee is the way we are going to save Ohio and this nation.  The Central Committee are the group of people who make decisions for the political parties.  If you don’t like the policies of the parties, you have to change the people.

If you have never heard of Central Committee before, start here http://www.annbecker.com/ten-things-you-need-to-know-about-central-committee/.  The following are posts about my adventures with the Butler County Central Committee and the Ohio Republican State Central Committee.

Ohio Republican Party By Laws

Ohio Republican Party By Laws and Committees

As we have begun to reorganize the Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee more information has been presented about how the party will run in the future.  We were just sent the most recent copy of the Ohio Republican Party by laws.  You can find them here - Ohio Republican Party By Laws 2015. We have also begun the process of being a more committee based party.  That has many advantages, including having different voices from all over the state on issues related to technology and organizing.  It also decentralizes the power of the party and gives the elected representatives ...
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Ann Becker and Walter Simms

Why I am running for State Central Committee

I am running for election to the Ohio Republican State Central Committee as your representative in the 4th Senate District so that I can end the problem of self-proclaimed Republicans telling you one thing when they run for office and doing the opposite when they are actually in office. I intend to do this by taking these important actions. First, believe it or not, the current Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee refuses to adopt any policy or platform that defines what Republican values and principles people running for office on the Republican Party Ticket should adhere to and believe ...
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What is State Central Committee?

State Central Committee is the governing body of the Ohio Republican Party.  The committee manages all the affairs of the Ohio Republican party including; day to day operations, fundraising, and deciding which candidates to support and give resources. This is the group of people that decides who leads the Republican Party in Ohio.  The Central Committee chooses the Ohio Republican Party Chairman or woman. This may seem like a small thing, but it has huge ramifications for the direction the GOP moves. Our current Chairman is a good man, but his political philosophy is to win elections, not to stand ...
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Trouble at Butler County GOP endorsement vote

"Why is she here?" Last night was the endorsement vote for the 8th Congressional District seat in Ohio to replace our outgoing Congressman, Speaker John Boehner. There was no endorsement by the Butler County Republican Party Central Committee, which is expected when you have so many good candidates.  I have gotten a chance to speak to a few of the candidates, there are a few differences, but overall they are good men. I went to the endorsement meeting to continue learning about the candidates and to hear the questions that the members of Central Committee had for them and how ...
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10 things you need to do to run for Central Committee

Part four in a four part series on Ohio Central Committee: A step by step guide on how to run for your Central Committee seat and change the world. Decide it’s a good idea to get involved. Our problems in the United States are in part, our fault. We stopped watching the store. We thought that the professionals, the ones in the suits, were looking out for us. We were wrong. They were looking out for themselves, their next check, their next job, their next connection. This goes for every level of government from the Presidency to the local level, ...
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Wanted: Men and women of character interested in changing the world

Part three in a four part series on Ohio Central Committee In 2008, something happened. Most of us went to the polls in November 2008 and held our nose to vote for John McCain.  It was one of the most difficult votes I ever cast. I didn’t think he represented my political values, but I voted anyway because….Obama. After that election, I promised myself that I was never again going to vote for someone that would grow government or put restrictions on the free market. If any candidate’s solutions involved government, they were suspect to me. It has been a ...
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Yell at the TV, think Central Committee

Part two in a four part series on Ohio Central Committee. Have you ever yelled at the TV and said who the flip makes these decisions?! How did these idiots get in charge? Who is running this country? Admit it. You’ve done it. We all have. There is a very simple answer for you. The people that run this country and have been running this country for the past 25 years are people that want to use government for their own benefit. Defending the Constitution of the United States and keeping us fiscally sound is not even on their minds ...
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Ten things you need to know about Central Committee

This is part one in a four part series on Ohio Central Committee. All of the political power in the United States of American comes from a small elected position called Central Committee. It is the smallest and most important elected position in the Republic. Learn about it and get involved. What is Central Committee? Central Committee is the governing body of the political parties. Each political party has a Central Committee; Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Greens etc… What is a Central Committeemen? Central Committeemen and women are the representatives of a neighborhood or precinct to a political party. Every precinct ...
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Planning for the long game

I have had a few experiences the past month that have made me think a lot about the work I do in politics. This month has changed me. Who knew an almost old lady could change.... I am ticking up to my 39th birthday and I really thought my opinions were getting set in stone, so when I realized I had changed I took notice. I disagreed with a friend on a political issue. A friend that I thought was with me 100%. Rock solid. Someone who I didn't have to watch, someone who would always do the right thing ...
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Central Committee – The Most Important Election

May 2014, I  ran for my Central Committee seat. Many people have no idea what Central Committee is within the grand scheme of politics,but it is so important that the Speaker of the House got involved in my race. John Boehner lives in the same town that I live in, the neighborhood behind me.  He is a very well connected and well thought of leader in my county.  So, in 2010, when I started down the road of political activism, we didn't really become best of friends. In 2010, many of us realized that protesting, rallying and sign waiving, while ...
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