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Jul 02 2014

Central Committee - The Most Important Election

May 2014, I  ran for my Central Committee seat. Many people have no idea what Central Committee is within the grand scheme of politics,but it is so important that the Speaker of the House got involved in my race.

John Boehner lives in the same town that I live in, the neighborhood behind me.  He is a very well connected and well thought of leader in my county.  So, in 2010, when I started down the road of political activism, we didn’t really become best of friends.

My son Zack went door to door with me in 2010 and 2014.  He loved talking to people.

My son Zack went door to door with me in 2010 and 2014. He loved talking to people.

In 2010, many of us realized that protesting, rallying and sign waiving, while got some steam off really didn’t do much good to change policy.  We started looking for alternatives.  We learned about the Central Committee of the political parties.  Every county in the country has one and it is the best keep secret in the political world.

I ran for my central committee seat in 2010 and won.  It was a very interesting experience.  There are a few meetings a year.  You see and get to know all the elected officials in your town.  It was very eye opening to see the high school drama that is politics first hand.

Over the past four years, I became that person in the room that asked the questions.  When an elected official would talk to me, I would be tough… nice…but tough.  There were several times that I probably hacked some people off, that’s part of the job.  My goal was to be the person in the room who stood for the Constitution and not the party.  Like I said before, that didn’t make me any party friends.

In 2014, I was up for reelection.  I had a young man running against me that I knew nothing about.  Come to find out that I was not imagining it, I had a pretty big target on my back.  The Speaker’s office had recruited one of their volunteers, who lived in my neighborhood, to run against me.

It was a tough little race….


My opponent mailed a bunch of mailings the final week.  He had more signs out than most of the local politicians in a real race., thirty of his signs to my one.  We both went to every door of a super voter in our neighborhood.

I lost my race by 23 votes.  I don’t begrudge my opponent.  He beat me fair and square.  He had one of the best campaign teams I have ever seen, his mom and dad, who where both political professionals. He hustled.  He went door to door, got all of his high school friends and their moms to vote for him.  By all measures, I was beaten.

As election day went on, I knew things weren’t going well.  It wasn’t until the middle of the day that it clicked with me what wThe Kid and John Boehneras going on.  We were both working at the polls and my opponent got a bit an antsy.  I was wondering what was going on… and then the SUV parade came in.

Speaker Bohener votes where I vote.  When he came to vote he had four SUVs and six secret service people preparing his way.  When he got out of the car, one of his staff members escorted him over the the Speaker for a photo op. Then it clicked.  Boehner, or at least his staff, wanted me gone.

The thing that really did me in, later that night after the results came in I was starting to get messages….”have you checked Twitter?”  I looked and my mouth fell open.  The Speaker of the House, the third in line to the Presidency, tweeted congratulation to my opponent over his 23 vote win…

Lesson learned… Central Committee matters.



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