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Jul 16 2014

Common Core... Can we get rid of it?

Citizens for Community Values forum on Common CoreAt a packed forum, the only question on people’s minds were ‘How do we get rid of this Common Core monstrosity?’ The forum was hosted by Citizens for Community Values and presented by Heidi Huber, leader of Ohioans Against Common Core.  The over 300 person crowd were presented with the sorted history on how we got to the point of the federalization of education in Ohio and in the country.  The history took us all the way back to the Great Society in the Johnson Administration.  This was the beginning of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, or as it is commonly known ‘Title 1’ funding.  This was the first introduction to federal money being used for education.  This, as always with progressive policy, was the little crack in the wall needed for the rush of water to flow through later. This was also the time in our history, when the federal government first dipped it’s toe into one other area, health care with Medicaid and Medicare.  These two fundamental aspects of life, health and education, have been negatively changed with the intervention of government over the past 50 years.

What can we, normal folks, do to stop this fifty year long…rush of water coming at us? What can we do to stop the implementation of Common Core in our schools here in Ohio?

There are three things we can do:

1.  Contact your Ohio House Member.  Make sure your Ohio House of Representatives member has a signed the discharge petition for House Bill 237.  This is a bill that will do a full repeal of Common Core in Ohio. It has been stuck in the Education Committee.  If 50 legislators sign the petition it will bring a vote to the floor.   Right now there are 24 legislators who have signed the petition.  Ohioans Against Common Core has an up-to-date list of who has signed the petition with the phone numbers and email of the House members.  Give them a call, send them an email…let them know how you feel about Common Core.

2.  Contact Governor Kasich.  For the past few months, it has been understood that Governor Kasich is a supporter of Common Core.  There has been some hints that he may be softening on the issue.  Calls from constituents may be the key.  The following video is from the Citizens for Community Values forum on Common Core, giving a report from its leader Phil Burress on a conversation he had with Governor Kasich.  To contact the Governor call, (614) 466-3555 or email using his contact form.  

3.  Talk to your local school board.  One area where you have the most impact is with your local school board.  Go to your school board meetings, ask where your schools are in the implementation of Common Core.  Express your concern about the federal control of your schools.  There are school districts starting to opt-out, a school district in Wisconsin has said ‘no’.  Your district can too.

A lot of work needs to be done on the issue of Common Core.  They have been working on it for fifty years, we have known about it for one or two years.  It will take time to make change, but we have no other choice.  We must stop this invasion of local control of education.



  1. Cathy Landolfo

    Thank you to all the great people who are fighting for our children. Education is of the utmost importance.

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