West Chester Trustee and Lady Liberty.​

Nov 03 2017

How I am Going to Vote November in 2017

Voting is upon us. November 7th is this Tuesday. Make sure you head to the polls.

For the full term for West Chester Trustee, I am voting for Mark Welch.  You can cast two votes in that race, but I am only voting for the fiscal conservative Welch.  Mark is endorsed by the Butler County Republican Party West Chester Region and has served West Chester well.

For the open seat, I am voting for myself.  I am endorsed for by the Butler County Republican Party.

For Lakota School Board, I am voting for Todd Parnell. Todd Parnell is running for reelection and is endorsed by the West Chester Region of the Butler County Republican Party.

Issue 1

“Marsy’s Law” is a national effort to ensure victims of violent crime are afforded rights in the criminal prosecution of their offenders.  The Ohio version would replace Section 10a in Ohio’s Constitution regarding the rights of crime victims. Ohio’s Constitution already has a requirement that crime victims be given due consideration by the legislature. Marsy’s law reaffirms this with different language and adds language requiring that victim rights be given equal weight to that of the accused.  Ohio already protects victim rights to notification and representation.  If there is any deficiency in this protection, Issue 1 doesn’t provide any new remedy for victims to hold courts and prosecutors accountable.  However, it does potentially take discretion away from judges to determine the right balance in each individual case.  This could lead to increased litigation time, taxpayer cost, and erosion of constitutionally guaranteed rights for the accused.  If something is broken in how victims are being treated today, that can already be remedied under current Section 10a protections without amending the Constitution in such a way that restricts local courts and puts 4th and 5th Amendment rights in jeopardy.  Protecting victims’ rights is very important, but there are ways to do it that doesn’t change the Ohio Constitution.  I am voting NO on Issue One.

Issue 2

Issue 2 would require all drug purchases by State of Ohio agencies be made at or below the price afforded the Veterans Administration. There is a lot of money being spent both for and against Issue 2, and some of the claims made are disingenuous. Drug prices are indeed out of control and that remedies at the state level can be pursued. There are many arguments both for and against Issue 2 that have merit.  However, conjecture on what will happen to drug prices overall is just that — conjecture. There is a possible benefit weighed against a probable cost. The real danger comes from the fact VA prices are negotiated in secret, and Ohio has no right to demand transparency of these prices so as to comply with Issue 2 as law. As a result, Ohio faces untold legal expenses and years of litigation to simply find a viable means of satisfying legal requirements — legal requirements which may or may not even help.  There are too many concerns and questions with this Amendment.  We can’t mess with the Ohio Constitution unless we are very sure it makes sense.  I am voting NO on Issue 2.

Issue 3 – Butler County Children Services Agency

This tax issue is a renewal and won’t raise taxes. This agency handles services for children that are abused, neglected, and dependent.  I am voting YES on Issue 3.