I endorse Jim Renacci as the next Ohio Governor

Ohio politics is frustrating. It’s like there is a wall around Columbus that magically eliminates all memory of principle. People go there to serve and many of them end up serving themselves – forgetting the people of Ohio.

We are at a crossroads with the election of our next Governor. We are going to decide what our state will look like for the next 10 years. Are we going to continue the downward trend of leaking jobs, population and money – or are we going to change how we do business in our state and begin to grow? I think it’s time for Ohio to come back!

The status quo – goin’ along to get along, kicking the can down the road, picking at the edges of a problem but never really solving them, needs to end. We need people of courage in Columbus that are willing to take on the hard issues and make the tough calls. We need someone who will look out for Ohioans and not put getting another job or keeping the political class happy as their top priority.

I am supporting Congressman Jim Renacci as the next Ohio Governor. I am not only endorsing Jim Renacci, but I am also going to work for him. I am going to be his Southwest Ohio Field Director. I am putting my time on the line because I believe Jim is the man we need to drain the swamp in Columbus.

Primaries are the time when Republicans decide who the best candidate will be – who has the best vision and qualifications. Secretary Husted, Lt Governor Mary Taylor, and Attorney General DeWine are all good Republicans and have served our state well – I will support them if they win the nomination. They have a combined total of 70 years in elected office with Attorney General DeWine leading the pack with forty. Mike has been in office as long as I have been alive. They have the experience, but that isn’t enough for this election.

With all the problems Ohio faces – loss of manufacturing jobs, losing population, the opioid crisis, it gives me pause to think that the people that have been in power would be the people that have the solutions. When you are in government for most of your adult life the people you know are government people, the solutions you have are government solutions. To quote Regan, “Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem.”

Right now there are more people employed by government than by manufacturing companies in Ohio. The government is one of our biggest industries. It drives me crazy. The government doesn’t produce anything, create anything. Ohio needs to do things better.


That frustration is what drew me to Jim Renacci. Jim carries the title Congressman, but that isn’t who he really is – he is a businessman. Jim has started or saved more than 40 companies in his career. He has hired and signed the checks of hundreds of people.

The government hurt his business, that is why he got into politics.

About a decade ago, Jim was asked to buy the local GM dealership. It was going down the tubes but employed a bunch of people in the small town, so Jim agreed.

He took that GM dealership from failing to thrive – one of the top dealerships.

In 2009, Obama did the horrible bailout of GM – one of the biggest interventions of government into business in history. The government decided which factories and dealerships stayed open.

Obama administration decided to close Jim’s dealership. Infuriated, Jim when to his Congressman (a Democrat) and said what can you do about this – he said he would take care of it.

He lied. Jim’s dealership was closed. The government killed his business. Jim decided to take on that Democrat in the next Congressional election. He won. He has been in Congress since 2011.

He won. He has been in Congress since 2011.


U.S. Rep. Jim Renacci, R-Ohio, at the Auto Show in Cleveland Friday, March 6, 2015. (AP Photo/Mark Duncan)

One thing Jim learned quickly is that DC is broken. We all know that – to solve problems we face, we have to go as close to the people as possible. Jim decided to run for Governor.

His business background will be key. He wants to look at Ohio regulations line by line to clear away the cobwebs making Ohio unattractive to new business.

Jim was the only one in the race to press the General Assembly to override Governor Kasich’s veto of the Medicaid Expansion freeze. The other three candidates said nothing.

Jim understands that education is the key to reviving Ohio. Our education system has been held back by a horrible set of standards with Common Core, a lack of vision to see that we need more hands on vocational education and less of a push to get everyone into college and a ridiculous amount of testing.

One thing that surprised me when I started to research the other candidate’s position, Jon Husted played a big role in bringing Common Core to Ohio. Secretary Husted worked with President Obama and Arnie Duncan to qualify Ohio to bring Race to the Top money to Ohio. Race to the Top is one of the reasons Ohio has Common Core in our schools. Secretary Husted didn’t understand that federal government should have no involvement in our education system and our children have paid the price for almost a decade.

Jim is 100% pro-life and will sign the Heartbeat bill.

He is for private sector right to work, which will bring jobs to Ohio.
Jim will end sanctuary cities.

Learn more about his policies from this great forum presented by Tom Z.

Do I agree with everything Jim stands for, about 95% yes…  The thing that I respect about Jim is that he doesn’t hide the fact that you may disagree.  He doesn’t blow smoke up your…  He looks you in the eye and says, “You may disagree with me, but here is my thinking about it.”  He is honest about what he believes and I think that level of courage is what we need in Ohio.  We need someone who stands up.

The last thing that drew me to the Renacci team was the people involved with Jim. Rob Scott and the entire Trump team has joined Jim. Matt Mayer from Opportunity Ohio – Matt brings a level of economic policy knowledge to the team that will be invaluable.

I am proud to join the team of the next Governor of Ohio, Jim Renacci.

I hope you get involved. This election will change Ohio.