My principles – I will stand for fiscal responsibility, don’t spend money we don’t have and keep money in the hands of our businesses and residents. I will stay focused on what makes our Township great – quality road maintenance and a strong police and fire department.

Economic Development
Currently, West Chester has 21% of its and left to develop. As the next West Chester Trustee, I will be a good steward of that land – working to make sure that the development balances quality of life for current residents and developers. We must make sure that our police and fire department is well funded when we add more development.
West Chester was named one of the best places to live in America six times. There are many factors to our success. Our low crime rate is an important part. Another part was our strong economic standing. West Chester currently has $2 billion in assessed real estate value which is the second highest in the Tri-State after Cincinnati. We are also the second highest job creator behind Cincinnati with a 1.7% unemployment rate. We are proud to support our 3600 businesses in the Township. West Chester also has a AAA+ bond rating which gives us the option to build at a low borrowing rate.

Government Transparency
West Chester Township is on the cutting edge when it comes to government transparency. The Township recently released the Community Checkbook called OpenGov – a platform that will give citizens the right to search sending and how the dollars in our Township is spent. This expectation of government transparency is important to including citizens included in being a watchdog of the Township.

Budget and Fiscal Responsibility
Government spending is a very important aspect of the job of a Trustee. Spending should include a focus on keeping our road and infrastructure in good shape, fully funding our police and fire departments and caring for our parks and cemetery. Currently, our budget has carryover in all categories:

General Fund – $10.1 Million Carryover
Police – $11.3 Million Carryover (Almost $32M and 69% budget)
Fire – $15.2 Million Carryover
Roads – $2.5 Million Carryover

Fiscal responsibly, making sure the money spent in our Township is focused on the budgetary items within the purview of the Township is pivotal.

Lakota is an important part of West Chester. With three children in the district, I will make sure that the school district stays at the top of his game. There are concerns that Lakota may be going in the wrong direction. With a current Ohio report card that has way too many ‘C’ grades, it is important to make sure that our Township is in touch with our school district. We must stay competitive to keep our community one of the best places to live in America.

Second Amendment
I am a strong supporter of the Second Amendment. I will make sure guns are safe in the hands of the West Chester residents.

First Amendment
I am a strong supporter of the First Amendment. I will protect residents of West Chester’s rights to worship, to speak and to gather. These rights are given to us by God. The job of a Trustee is to protect those rights.