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Oct 14 2014

Kicked out by Kasich over Common Core

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Yesterday won’t go down as my favorite day in politics.  I was not allowed entrance to a Kasich campaign event…because they say I wasn’t on the list, but I say was because I wanted answers on Common Core.

For the past five years I have been a very vocal opponent of the expansion of government and fiscal irresponsibility.  During the past year, my fellow small government activists and I have taken great issue with the adoption of the Common Core State Standards in our state.  At many of Governor Kasich’s stops on the campaign trail, we have protested against Common Core.

Monday night at a Kasich rally to get out the vote in West Chester, Governor Kasich and the Butler County Republican Party chose to threaten me, rather than risk being asked about Common Core.  I intended to ask the Governor a simple question: “Do you support aCommon Core? If so, why?”

Kasich Rally InviteI was invited to the event.  I had RSVPed to the event.  When I came to the door, I was turned away with a lie, being told I didn’t RSVP.  I was told that if I didn’t leave the premises, the Voice of America Park in West Chester (my voting location), I would be arrested.  I was not loud.  I was not out of line.  I was just a person who wanted answers.

I have learned today that the Kasich campaign said that we were removed for being disruptive.  That is very far from the truth.  We were peaceful and simply wanted to enter the event we were invited to attend.  The Cincinnati Enquirer did a nice piece about how I was turned away from the rally.

Common Core is a very hot issue.  Most of us have been affected by it.  If you are a parent or grandparent and see the ‘base 10’ math homework come home in your children’s backpacks and can’t help them with it you are frustrated.  If you are a taxpayer and hear that your school needs a levy because they need more money for technology in order to give the new tests, you are expected to pay for them.  You hear things about Common Core’s data collection, about the involvement with Bill Gates and other influences from outside of Ohio.

Common Core is a set of standards that teachers use to instruct our children.  It began in 2006 as an idea proposed by the National Governors Association (NGA), at the time headed by Janet Napolitano.  With the help of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and several organizations funded by the Gates Foundation, the NGA created and pushed through the standards. Money from the Department of Education was promised and received if states adopted these “high-quality standards.” Common Core is currently being used in 45 of the 50 states, including Ohio.


One of the main problems with Common Core is Constitutional.  Under the terms of the Constitution, the control of education is left to the states.  The state of Ohio has complete control over the education of our children.  The Ohio House is considering House Bill 597, which would repeal Common Core and replace it with a higher-quality set of standards.  Our Governor and the Ohio Senate have not stepped to the plate either to consider repeal or to defend their decision to keep Common Core.  Ohio has a chance to become a leader of education in the nation if our politicians have the courage to move forward.

So disruptive, I smile with security

So disruptive, I smile with security

There are many educational problems with Common Core.  They are not considered by experts to be high quality standards.  The writers of the standards did not do a good job integrating educational research into the expectations for Common Core.  They are not rigorous, internationally benchmarked (as the creators claim they are) or research-based.

The National Republican Party, the Hamilton, Warren and Clermont County Republican Parties have all passed resolutions condemning Common Core.  In previous interviews, Governor Kasich has repeatedly dodged the question about his position on Common Core.  He states that he is for higher standards, but will not say if he thinks Common Core fills that bill.  Yet the evidence remains: Our children in Ohio are being taught according to the Common Core State Standards.

We protest with signs and letters.  We make phone calls.  When we show up at public events to ask the Governor to express his views on Common Core, we are told to leave or risk arrest.  We are simply looking for answers.



  1. Sorry, but your comment is not very accurate… I had to take 2 or 3 remedial college classes but not because I am stupid. The college entrance exams “indicated” I had to take them. Instructor asked me why I was even in the class. I got an A and I graduated with honors. The only people that shouldnt go to college are the ones who dont want to be there in the first place. Everone deserves the rightto a higher education

  2. Irene A DiChiro

    As a tutor, I work with students already having difficulty with math. Now, with Common Core, their problems are increasingly difficult and they are frustrated. They get very upset and worry about not being able to understand how to do their assignments. When I was in the classroom, it was my responsibility to find another way of presenting concepts if the students were having difficulty keeping up. I tutor that way as well. With CC, teachers are not allowed to deviate from the given format. So, tough luck if the kids can’t get it the way it is being presented. The realities of CC are that students are getting “turned off of math,” teachers are very angry and frustrated, and parents are beside themselves on how to fix this situation. This is what happens when bureaucrats and billionaires get involved in the “business” of education. Money talks! How very sad.

  3. Ann, I am a teacher also. I dont like the common core, but not because they are not rigorous, Quite the opposite. Students are asked to do “higher level thinking” at ages when they are concrete learners and need the basics to build a strong foundation.
    The curriculum is deep. Students are asked to solve MUCH higher level thinking problems than before, it’s just putting the cart before the horse.

  4. Common Core was the absolute worst thing President Bush did. Our kids are getting Liberal distorted lies about our Nation’s History. I very much admired President Bush as I do Governor Kasich SO I am really hoping and praying he removes Common Core out of our classrooms and let the teachers get on with real and truthful teaching to our kids. By the way, I am a Mom, Grandma and Great Grandma so I have seen and followed it all.

    1. Roxanna, bush did a lot of bad, but let’s not give the libs another thing to blame him for :).

      He wasn’t behind common core. His great education “reform” or punt (education is a political footall in America) was nclb. Which all teachers knew wasn’t going to work either

  5. I ,too, am fed up with common core in the state of Ohio and every state in the union adhering to it. After almost 18 years in public education I just resigned and next year we will be opening up our classical Christian Academy in Brown County, Ohio. I would love the opportunity to go and ask Gov. Kasich if he does indeed support common core. Let me know when and where I might be able to ask him those questions.
    Anything I can do to get our country off it’s Socialist path I will do!

  6. Carolyn Storer

    i am totally against Common Core being taught here in our schools in Ohio. From everything I have read and seen on it; it is not really based on common sense and distorts some of the history of our nation!! What is wrong with teaching the 3 R’s, Home Ec, industrial Arts, etc.? From a concerned Ohio resident!

    1. We need to go back even further than the 3R’s if we want to get back to the the quality of education that Americans received when the schools were in the church building.

      Do you ever wonder why we have to teach so many remedial academic classes at the entry level of college?

      1. We have many testing out of college classes. THe Common Core hasn’t been around long enough to see its effects on college students.

        But, the main reason why students take remedial college classes is be cause we have kids going to college that have no reason going. It’s about money.
        Today, EVERYONE has to go to college. Put our best and brightest there. Provide job training to the rest so they can be successful.

  7. Gov. John Kasich is not bashful when he is asking for Votes and Money from the same people who got him elected (BARELY) in 2010. Yet he throws these same people under the bus so he can sell out our Children’s future.
    We must LEAVE GOVERNOR slot Vacant when we vote on Election day. He will still win this race but hopefully he will not even be considered for the 2016 or 2020 Presidential Election.

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