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Feb 05 2017

Ohio Republican Party By Laws and Committees

Ohio Republican Party By LawsAs we have begun to reorganize the Ohio Republican Party State Central Committee more information has been presented about how the party will run in the future.  We were just sent the most recent copy of the Ohio Republican Party by laws.  You can find them here – Ohio Republican Party By Laws 2015.

We have also begun the process of being a more committee based party.  That has many advantages, including having different voices from all over the state on issues related to technology and organizing.  It also decentralizes the power of the party and gives the elected representatives of the people, the State Central Committee, more of a voice on how the party should be run.

Here is the list of committees within the State Central Committee.  Each member is on a committee.  Most members are on more than one committee.


Fiscal Review Committee: The Fiscal Review Committee shall consider and approve the budget, pass upon recommendations to the Chairman as to staff salaries, authorize expenditures and arrange for the collection of funds.

Budget Oversight Committee: The functions of the Budget Oversight Committee shall include the following:

  • To advise and assist the Chairman and the staff in preparation, implementation, and oversight of the annual budget for the ORP’s operation.
  • To recommend the final budget for review and approval by the Ohio Republican Finance Committee and the Fiscal Review and Policy Committees of the Committee by December 31 of each calendar year, for final approval by the Committee.
  • To review and analyze quarterly all proposed and actual income and expenditures of the Committee

Audit Committee: The Audit Committee shall examine the accounts of the Treasurer, for which purpose it shall have authority to employ a certified public accountant, and shall make an annual report to the Committee.

Policy Committee: The Policy Committee shall consist of the officers of the Committee, the Chairman of the Audit Committee, the National Committeeman and National Committeewoman, and the Chairman and Co-Chairman of the Ohio Republican Finance Committee, and shall have the power to act on all matters for the Committee during the interval between its meetings.

Chairman and Vice Chairman Review Committee: The Chairman and Vice Chairman Review Committee shall periodically make a review of the salary and other matters relating to the duties and responsibilities of the Chairman and Vice Chairman and make recommendations to the full Committee.

State Convention Arrangements Committee: The State Convention Arrangements Committee, as needed, shall make necessary recommendations for the management of the State Convention, if a State Convention is held (pursuant to Ohio Revised Code Section 3513.11 or any successor provision then in effect.)

Committee on Contests: The Committee on Contests shall have the power to adopt procedural rules, not inconsistent with these rules, which shall govern the expeditious prosecution of contests before the Committee on Contests.

Political Programs: The Political Programs Committee oversees and advises on issues surrounding the Party’s political programs.

Permanent Rules and Revisions: The Permanent Rules and Revisions Committee reviews all proposed changes to the Party rules and makes recommendations to the full Committee.

County Chairs: The County Chairs Committee is established for consultations as needed regarding interaction with county chairs and county parties.

Technology: The Technology Committee makes recommendations about the Party’s use of technology and technological expenditures.

Committee on Committees: The Committee on Committees is responsible for placing members on committees and filling committee vacancies. Their recommendations are made to the full Committee for approval.

Endorsement Policy Review Committee: The Endorsement Policy Review Committee is convened when the Party explores changing its endorsement policy. The committee advises the Party leaders in matters of endorsements.