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Jun 16 2014

Protesting Jeb Bush over Common Core

Common Core is an issue that will define our country for the next few years.  Common Core is a curriculum, or a course of study, that has been handed to the states through the National Governors Association and Bill Gates.  This curriculum has its interesting points, but even if it is the most perfect curriculum ever designed it should not have been implemented the way it was here in Ohio and all over the nation.

Our education system is bottom-up.  The people that are closest to our children, parents and teachers, local school boards are charged with the development of the student’s studies.  This is how our education system has been run for the past 100 years.  In recent years, standards based education has become the fad.

One of the biggest proponents of Common Core is former Florida Governor Jeb Bush.

June 16, 2014 Governor Bush was a featured speaker at an RNC fundraiser here in Cincinnati. Due to his support of Common Core friends at Ohioans Against Common Core took to the streets to express not only to Governor Bush, but also to the attendees of the event that Common Core is not a winning issue.



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