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Jul 13 2015

Wanted: Men and women of character interested in changing the world

Kick the establishment out of the Star Wars bar

Part three in a four part series on Ohio Central Committee

Part three in a four part series on Ohio Central Committee

In 2008, something happened. Most of us went to the polls in November 2008 and held our nose to vote for John McCain.  It was one of the most difficult votes I ever cast. I didn’t think he represented my political values, but I voted anyway because….Obama.

After that election, I promised myself that I was never again going to vote for someone that would grow government or put restrictions on the free market. If any candidate’s solutions involved government, they were suspect to me. It has been a dry couple of voting years.

I have been really discouraged. I’ve seen time and time again the Republican Party cave to some pressure or another. ‘We can’t shut down the government’…’We can’t take away benefits’…’We can’t let the economy collapse’…’We can’t let local people control education’.

Vote after vote I have gotten more discouraged.

My frustrations were exacerbated in 2010. I became a member of my county Republican Party Central Committee. This is the elected governing body of my county’s Republican Party. Every county has one and every party has one. You have a Central Committee in your county that controls your political party. Learn more about it here.

My county Central Committee was about as strange and dangerous as the Star Wars bar. I live in Butler County, Ohio, the same county as Speaker Boehner. I thought I was coming into a political party that would be filled with Reagan loving, small government focused, hardworking Republicans. People that were ready to stand for the Constitution… Oh, me from the past… so naïve.

As I was looking around at the other people on Central Committee and came to realize something that changed the way I viewed politics…forever. The people on the Central Committee were there for themselves. They were the home builders, the realtors, the insurance brokers, the cousin of the county prosecutor, the wife of the township trustee. All of these people were there for the next job, and for connections they could gain from being involved with decision makers.

These people didn’t care about the Constitution or the rule of law.  They defiantly didn’t care about smaller government, because they were there to get a piece of the pie or influence how it gets spent.

I was ready to quit. Then I heard my friend Rick Herron say, “People are policy. If you don’t like the policy, change the people.”

I had hope.

I was sure I wasn’t the only person in my county that felt as I did, that our country needs to move back toward Constitutional values. I had a few friends on Central Committee with me, but a handful of us were not going to make a difference. I needed the numbers. I needed more of us, more people that were there for the right reasons.

I started my mission to find 249 people in Butler County, Ohio that put principle over party. I’m looking for people that believe in a certain set of principles, that stand by them and hold politicians they vote in to represent those principles too.

I am looking for people that have two attributes:

Conviction. You must hold the belief that government involvement or spending is not a solution to any problem we are dealing with. We must get government out of people’s lives. This country was founded on the understanding that government handled a certain number of things and people handled the rest. We are out of balance. Government is doing too much. We need to reel it back in…. I’m looking for people who believe in less government.

Courage.  I’m looking for people with the courage to stand up to someone and say ‘NO’, even if it is the Speaker of the House or the Governor or your best friend. You must have the courage to tell someone that what they are doing is growing government control or spending money that we don’t have. I don’t care if you are a Republican and have been voting Republican since Calvin Coolidge…if you are spending money we don’t have or growing the size of government beyond the enumerated powers of the Constitution, then YOU ARE WRONG. I need people with the courage to be able to say so.

That’s it. Two attributes. You don’t need to be a fancy pants. You don’t need a website. You don’t need a college degree. You don’t need to know someone, who knows someone, who knows someone….You just need to be a person with a little bit of courage and a ton of conviction.

We can change the face of politics if we find enough people that are ready to stand for the changes we want to see.  We can kick the weirdos out of the Star Wars bar and fill it with normal folks. When we do that, when we have the people, we will get the policy.

Learn more at www.ohioprecinctproject.com.

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