West Chester Trustee and Lady Liberty.​

Oct 03 2017

West Chester Trustee Vote is Important

This year you have the opportunity to vote for all three of our West Chester Trustees.  That hasn’t happened in a very long time. Usually this year would be a vote for two of our trustee seats.  But that changed when George Lang was chosen to be our new State Representative.

The three seats are broken up into two elections.  Mark Welch and Lee Wong’s seats are separate from the seat George vacated.  Its like two lanes of traffic.  In the first lane, Mark and Lee.  Second lane, my race.

There will be a lot of campaign signs up this year, so you will have a big decision.  I would love your vote for the third Trustee seat.

Find what will be on your ballot on the Board of Elections website. http://www.butlercountyelections.org/whats_on_my_ballot/index.php