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May 04 2018

Why I am voting for Jim Renacci for US Senate for Ohio

Vote May 8th for Jim Renacci

Jim Renacci is running for US Senate in the May 8th Republican primary.  Jim will be taking on Sherrod Brown in the fall.  Jim Renacci is a Congressman from the Northeast part of Ohio.  He has been a businessman for 30 years, owning over 60 companies and employing over 1300 people.

Jim has been endorsed in the US Senate race by President Trump, the NRA, Ohio Right to Life, the Ohio Republican Party and the entire Ohio Congressional delegation including Congressman Jim Jordan.

One of the things I looking when I learn about political candidates is their 'Why'?  Why did they get involved in politics...

Jim owned a Chevy dealership in 2009 that was doing very well. He was going to expand it and create more jobs for his town. That was around the time that the Obama Administration pushed for the bankruptcy of General Motors. Jim's dealership was targeted to be closed, he got a letter that said 'You are no longer a member of the General Motors family'.  That letter was like a punch in the gut to Jim. He went to his Congressman and asked for help.  The Congressman (a Democrat) said he would help.  When it came to the vote, the Congressman voted against Jim's dealership and he lost his business.  Jim went to that Congressman and told him that he lied to him and isn't doing what is right for the district.  He vowed that he was going to find someone to run against him or do it himself.   Sixteen months later, he was a US Congressman. 


Two years later, Jim was redistricted with another Congresswoman and had to run another race against a sitting Democrat.  He won that race beating two sitting Congressmen in a row. He plans on making it three Democrats when he beats Sherrod Brown.

Jim's biggest issues are solving fiscal problems.  He is a CPA.  He understands what it takes to balance a budget and to grow an economy.  He doesn't believe that we should fund our country on the backs of future generations. We need to balance our budget and spend money on what makes sense.


Jim will also stand with our President to build the wall, follow the rule of law with immigration and end sanctuary cities.  Jim will also vote for a Constitutionally minded Supreme Court justice when there is another opening.  The Supreme Court is important to protect the Right to Life and protect our Second Amendment. 

I am voting for Jim because he is the right man for the US Senate and he has the experience to win.  Jim is going to beat Sherrod Brown and be the next US Senator from Ohio.