West Chester Trustee and Lady Liberty.​

Sep 30 2017

Why I'm Running for West Chester Trustee

West Chester is faced with a question for our future. Where do we want to go for the next 25 years?​

Do we want to have a community that lives large, spending what we have on lavish infrastructure or do we live with fiscal responsibility, spending conservatively and having a strong community that we pass on to the next generation?
I would like to see us live in a community that looks forward to the next generation.​

Over the past 25 years, West Chester has been guided by our 2025 Vision. A plan that looked into the future – gathering together residents from all corners of the township to find our best path. It was led by men and women with a solid business approach – plotting the course for our strong tax base with 60% residential land and 40% business. They looked at the resources that we hand and proposed the vision of Union Centre and Voice of America.​

I propose that we restart our Vision Committee and look toward 2050. We will again include people in the township that understand the vision ‘Where families grow, and businesses prosper.’ We, as a community, need to look forward like we do in our lives to determine what we want the next phase of our community’s life to look like.​

At the present time, West Chester is in excellent shape. Our budget is fully funded coming in $10 million dollars below our allocated amounts in 2016. We are committed to public safety, spending $38 million of our proposed $43 million on our police, fire, and EMS. And we are committed to business growth providing a hands-off government and solid zoning that attracts new development.​

My mission in politics is to have a township that I will be proud to call home for the rest of my life – a township that my children and grandchildren will want to call home. ​

I am invested in our community. I am dedicated to being a conservative steward of township finances.​

I want you to be a part of that vision. I ask for your vote for me to be the next West Chester Township Trustee so I can lead us toward a prosperous future for our families and the generations to come.