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Jul 13 2015

Yell at the TV, think Central Committee


Part two in a four part series on Ohio Central Committee.

Have you ever yelled at the TV and said who the flip makes these decisions?! How did these idiots get in charge? Who is running this country?

Admit it. You’ve done it. We all have. There is a very simple answer for you. The people that run this country and have been running this country for the past 25 years are people that want to use government for their own benefit. Defending the Constitution of the United States and keeping us fiscally sound is not even on their minds.

That’s it. Those are the people running the country. People who are in it for the coin. I have met them. I have talked to them. They admit it. They got involved in government for a good job or they got involved with a campaign so they will get the next building contract or get the zoning they want for their next project. They are the ones running the country.

It’s not just Democrats. Spending and expansion of government under Republican Governors, Congress and Presidents have also gone up. Spending is not a political party issue it is a systematic governmental issue.

Sorry if that causes you a bit of depression. It took me down a few pegs, until I learned their secret.

Their secret is Central Committee. If you have never heard of Central Committee before, read this post to get more information.  Central Committee is the governing body of the political parties and the committees are currently filled with people who don’t give one rats toe about the Constitution or smaller government, less debt. They are filled with people looking for money and opportunity.

That has to change.

The people that you are yelling at, mad at and disgusted by are hired and supported by the people on Central Committee. All of the power in a political party comes from this group.

It may seem unbelievable, but it is true.

This committee that I am talking about has a representative in every neighborhood in the nation. You have a representative in your neighborhood. If you don’t know who your Central Committee representative is…then it should be you.

If we want to make changes, if we want to stop yelling at the TV, we need to change who is in charge. To do that we need people like you, people who put the principles of the Constitution before the political parties, politicians and pay checks on to the Central Committee in your county. If you have conviction about what this country needs to do to turn us around and you have the courage to talk about it, then this is for you.

The time commitment to be on the committee is about 48 hours a year, a few meetings a year to change this country from the bottom up. Do you have two days this year to commit to changing the world?

If you do, we need you and we will show you how to do it.

Learn more at www.ohioprecinctproject.com.


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