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In 2017, I was elected to West Chester Trustee. It has been the honor of my life to serve the people of West Chester.

The Township has been my forever home since 1999.

I was born in Toledo, Ohio, and came down to Southwest Ohio to attend the University of Cincinnati.

While down at UC, I earned a Bachelor of Art in Psychology, a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education, and a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction in Education.

Most of my free time in college was spent on the field marching with the University of Cincinnati Bearcat Bands. I met my husband Lee at band camp… I still play clarinet with the Bearcat Alumni Band 20 years later.

Lee was offered a job at General Electric after graduation. We decided to move to West Chester to raise our kids.

I have been a stay at home mom with my three children for 15 years. The crazy life of a mom in Lakota is wonderful, my kids are going through Hopewell, Hopewell Jr., and Lakota East. I spent much of this time in my life volunteering with the schools and with our church. We are a Lakota Robotics family. Our Robotics boosters are the best! We also attend St. Maximilian Kolbe Church, where I am an Eucharistic Minister and a Lector.

I was at home with my oldest on 9/11/2001. That day, I held my daughter tight. Watch the news and listened to talk radio 24/7. After that, my interest in world events and politics never stopped. I was reading political philosophy, took classes on political science and economics.

My first campaign for Central Committee in 2010, going door to door with my son Zack.

My first campaign for Central Committee in 2010, going door to door with my son Zack.

In 2009, the Tea Party started. I was the first time in my life I was invited to become a part of politics. Before the Tea Party, politics felt distant. It was people that were in the paper and on TV. The Tea Party gave me a chance to meet and talk to our leaders, to get to know them as people. My time with the Tea Party helped me develop my political philosophy.

My political principles are fiscal responsibility, limited Constitutional government, and the free market. The government should spend the money they collect from taxpayers wisely. The government should have a full understanding of the role they play in people’s lives.  Should the government should be doing this per the Constitution?  If the government shouldn’t be doing it, it should be left to the free market.

During those years, I founded the Ohio Precinct Project. I trained thousands of people on how to get more involved in politics and how to become a part of their County political party’s Central Committee which is the governing body of their party.

My Second grade class on a field trip to Barn n Bunk.

My Second grade class on a field trip to Barn n Bunk.

I also got the opportunity to talks about politics Monday morning at 7:40 with Brian Thomas on the 55krc Morning Show. My segment is called Liberty Monday. Brian calls me Lady LibertyListen to the Brian here http://www.iheart.com/show/139-Brian-Tho.mas-55KRC/.

In 2013-2014, I had an opportunity to teach Second Grade. I taught 75 kids to learn how to read and write. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget, but classroom teaching wasn’t my calling. I started to get more involved in politics.

In 2016, I was elected to the Ohio Republican State Central Committee to represent Butler County, Ohio Republicans on the governing body of the Ohio Republican Party.  I was key in the implementation of the Republican National Platform for Ohio, after not having a platform for years.   I was also involved with the election of Ohio Republican Party Chairwoman Jane Timken.

I became an editorial contributor for the Cincinnati Enquirer. I wrote pieces about politics and current events.

In 2016,  I was Co-chair of the Trump campaign in Butler County.  The election of President Trump and the work done on the campaign in Butler County was an amazing experience.

After the Trump campaign, I really thought I was going to take a break from politics…. But I met Congressman Jim Renacci who at that time was running for governor and ended up running for US Senate.

In 2016, I became the Southwest Regional Director for Congressman Renacci. I was in charge of 14 counties in Southwest Ohio, from Shelby County out to Adams County. I developed relationships with hundreds of our local politicians and organized hundreds of volunteers. It was an amazing experience that allowed me to develop relationships with all of our Butler County officeholders, all of our wonderful statewide officeholders.

In 2017, I was elected to the West Chester Board of Trustees. I have enjoyed representing our community.