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Ann Becker has been a resident of West Chester, Ohio since 1994 when she moved from Toledo to attend the University of Cincinnati. Ann has been married to her husband Lee Becker since 1999 and is the mother of three children; Jillian, Cassie, and Zack. 

Ann is active at St. Maximillian Kolbe –  volunteering as a Eucharistic Minister of Holy Communion and a Lector.

Ann is currently a Trustee in West Chester Township, Ohio. 

Ann has earned degrees from the University of Cincinnati including a Bachelor of Art in Psychology, a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education and a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruction.

Ann is a former Second Grade teacher, where she used her education and technology skills to teach 75 students English Language Arts.

Ann became a political activist in 2009 after the passage of the Affordable Care Act. She is the former President of the West Chester Tea Party in Butler County, Ohio and the current President of the Cincinnati Tea Party.

Ann was the Butler County Coordinator for the Health Care Freedom Amendment, an Ohio Constitutional Amendment keeping Ohio free from Obamacare. She has organized over a hundred meetings to educate the people of Southwest Ohio on political issues and testified at the Statehouse on an issue that she is very passionate about, the removal of Common Core.

Ann believes that normal folks need to expect politicians to stand on principle. Ann has stood up to John Boehner and asked him to use the House of Representatives power of the purse to stop spending money the United States does not have. Ann stood up to Governor Kasich on the issue of Common Core in 2014.

Her core political principles are fiscal responsibility, limited Constitutional government, and the free market. The government should spend the money they collect from taxpayers wisely. The government should have a full understanding of the role they play in people’s lives.  Should the government should be doing this per the Constitution?  If the government shouldn’t be doing it, it should be left to the free market.

The way these goals can be reintroduced to the American political system is through normal people getting involved in the political party’s Central Committees.  Each county in Ohio has a county Central Committee, which runs the political party in the county.  When you hear about the Hamilton County or Cuyahoga Republican Party – they are talking about the Central Committee. If more normal folks got involved, the political goals of the party would be based in principle – instead of cronyism.  Learn more about Central Committee here

Ann talks about politics Monday morning with Brian Thomas on the 55krc Morning Show. Listen to the Brian here

In 2016, Ann was elected to the Ohio Republican State Central Committee to represent Butler County, Ohio Republicans on the governing body of the Ohio Republican Party.  She was key in the implementation of the Republican National Platform for Ohio, after not having a platform for years.   Ann was also involved with the election of Ohio Republican Party Chairwoman Jane Timken.

In 2016,  Ann was Co-chair of the Trump campaign in Butler County.  The election of President Trump and the work done on the campaign in Butler County was an amazing experience.



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