Proposed Road Construction in West Chester for 2020

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Learn about construction that has been completed in West Chester in 2019 and learn about construction coming up in 2020.

As construction winds down for the year, I wanted to give you an update on what we have completed on our West Chester roads in 2019 and what will be worked on in 2020.

Improving the quality and safety of the roads in West Chester Township is one of the most important things our Township government does with your tax money. Keeping you and your family safe and getting home, to work and around town quickly is very important - and we are getting it done.

Projects completed in 2019:

·         Completed the Cincinnati-Dayton Road widening in Olde West Chester.  This project took a two-lane road with no stormwater drainage and widened it to four lanes with a complete drainage and sidewalk system

·         Cincinnati Dayton Road was repaved from I75 to Maud Hughes.

·         With the cooperation of Sharonville finished the widening and paving of Fields Ertel coming into Rt 42

·         Tylersville Road Interchange on ramps and off ramps were paved

·         Beckett Road from Smith Road to Tylersville Road

·         Cox Road from Tylersville to Liberty way

·         747 was paved

·         We also paved over five miles of neighborhood streets this year

Road Projects Scheduled for 2020

The following projects are proposed for 2020. Sometimes projects are delayed due to cost or weather factors. I will keep you up-to-date as we move into next year’s construction season.

Union Centre Divergent Double Diamond will continue next year.  It is scheduled to finish up in the early summer. They will be moving cars over to the new lanes before the construction season ends this fall to prepare for winter.

On Beckett Road, the road and drainage improvements along the hillside north of Mulhauser Barn to help with flooding that happens with runoff from the hill.

Lesourdsville - West Chester Road and Beckett Road will be getting a roundabout.

Hamilton Mason Road is going to get work done on the bridge that crosses Gregory Creek near the railroad bridge.  That is the start of more improvements to that intersection that will happen over the next few years.

Liberty Way and Butler Warren will be getting additional turn lanes to prepare for a development on the Liberty Township corner of the intersection.

Tylersville Road will be getting some significant improvements next summer. We will be adding an additional Westbound lane from Cox to I75.  Work will be happening on the bridge over I 75 on Tylersville Road, replacing the concrete overlay on the bridge deck and replacing the vandal fencing.

And a bit farther west, we will be adding a left turn lane on Tylersville into Chantilly Drive. This will start in early spring.

We appreciate your patience with our construction crews.  I know the Olde West Chester construction had a few Grinn and Barrett weeks, but the improvements are well worth the wait.

Our goal is to help you get to where you are going quickly and safely.  We want our roads to be smooth and to hold up for as many years as possible. If you have a question or concern, let me know.

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