Ann Becker | A public servant working for West Chester


Dedicated to creating prosperity for families and local businesses through running an effective government.

My name is Ann Becker. I’ve been a West Chester resident for 20 years, and I’m one of the three elected West Chester Trustees who’ve been serving our township since November 2017. This fall, I am seeking reelection. West Chester is my family’s home. My husband and I chose to raise our children here and I want to continue to work for this Township.  I’m committed to helping all the families and businesses in West Chester succeed and prosper.

West Chester Township by the numbers:

  • Largest township in Ohio – 65,000 residents in a geography of 35 sq. miles

  • Strong tax base – comprised of 60% residential homes and 40% business, with 25,000 residences and 3,600 businesses

  • Economic Powerhouse – job growth continues to give us higher property values and employment opportunities with an employment population of more than 56,700 and an estimated unemployment rate of 1.7 percent

  • Committed to high-quality infrastructure – a $4.5-million-dollar roads budget with $1.5 million coming from our general fund

  • Best Places to Live in America” 7 times

  • Best Place to Live in Ohio in 2019

Where do we go from here?

My winning campaign in 2017 focused on how we must continue to create an amazing township by prioritizing families and strong businesses through effective government. This remains my primary focus. Several new plans are already in the works in which I have proudly played a part, including:

Vision Committee: The Vision Committee will look forward toward the kind of community we want to be in the next 30 years. The committee was established in the 1990s and envisioned the future, seeing the growth through the I75 corridor, and stewarded the creation of Union Centre. This revamped committee, which will be established in May 2019, will look forward to the next 30 years. The committee will seek input from residents for concerns, priorities, and suggestions. This process will start with a general resident survey being sent via mail, email, and social media. Identifying residents’ concerns and hearing their suggestions is vital to creating and maximizing our resources in creating an amazing community together.

Roads: Taking care of our roads and infrastructure is one of the main roles of our Township Government. The I75/Union Centre Blvd. interstate exchange will be a huge project this year. Union Centre Blvds’ stunning business growth has already made this highway exchange obsolete. The number of cars moving through this area far exceeds its capacity and would definitely put a pinch on that area’s future development. Funding has already been secured for this much-needed upgrade and will help create a new type of traffic flow pattern, designed for congested exchange areas, called a Divergent Double Diamond. Our Community Development Department and the Butler County Engineers office have successfully created a cost-effective (bridge will remain unchanged and used in new flow pattern) and swift solution (construction is to begin soon and is projected to be done by fall).

Supporting our Police Department: Our Police Department continues to be one of the best forces in the country. I support our men and women in blue and will help them continue to make West Chester a safe place to raise a family and own a business. Last year, six new “resource officers” were assigned to our local school department.  Lakota Schools pay these officers, and our department keeps them trained and a part of our force. Crime statistics have been reduced in recent years, with violent crimes (rape and murder) down 2.7%, and drug-related arrests and theft from auto calls also reduced.

Supporting our Fire Department: Our West Chester Fire Department also continues to provide stellar services. Last year, we added six full-time firefighters, not only providing more resources to the department but also reducing overtime costs, thus saving money for taxpayers. The fire department has forged mutual aid agreements with neighboring communities to provide quicker response times for those residents on the geographical fringe of our township. Our fire department is also working to offer greater service to our community by monitoring frequent users of our 911 system to deliver services to residents and support their needs before they reach a state of emergency.

Economic Development: In 2018, West Chester tracked more than $81.5 million in new capital investment.  This new investment accounts for 88 projects totaling nearly 1.8 million square feet of commercial development, creating or retaining more than 1,200 jobs in the community. Our community continues to add businesses, bolstering our property tax diversity and offering a higher quality of life to our residents.

Good Government: I am a public servant working for West Chester, dedicated to prosperity for families and local business lead by an effective government. My mission is to make West Chester “The Best Place to Live” every year! I will consider only those spending initiatives which continue to push West Chester Township toward prosperity. I believe in a smaller, more competent government that uses money to also enable a higher quality of life for residents, instead of merely running the government. I believe in having a transparent government. All financial transactions, crime, fire, and road data are constantly being uploaded to our Township website in real time. I am an effective problem-solver who diligently works to not only to fix problems happening today but searches for issues that could be solved early in order to find a win-win solution for everyone involved. We need leaders that are stewards of the public trust so we can create a great community.

I am your person for West Chester Trustee. If you have any questions, or you’re interested in getting more involved in our community, please let me know. I am working for all of us who live and work in West Chester. I’m asking for your support and your vote this fall in the November 5th election.