Selling the Old Library


On Tuesday the West Chester Trustees voted to seek requests for proposals on the sale of the Old Library, currently the West Chester Activity Center on Cox Road.

This property is currently valued at $1.7 million dollars.

 Right now the Township is in an agreement with Community First, a nonprofit out of Hamilton, to give services to our seniors – Silver Sneakers, social events and meals.

The Township has been leasing the old Library to Community First for a $1 for several years. During the leasing period, the building has started to degrade. It needs a new heating a cooling system, the parking lot needs to be repaved, the roof needs a lot of work, more than $100,000 of repairs are needed.

The Township has been working with members of the Activity Center to find a new place for Seniors to have high quality services in the Township.  This cooperation has been very significant. We are working to find a place of suitable size and fits the needs of what our Seniors want.  The Seniors will have access to the building until December 31st when the lease comes up.

The sale of the Old Library will add another piece of development to the Cox Rd and Tylersville corner. The plaza with the Big Lots is getting a facelift from the developer Mid Atlantic. Chesterwood has opened its extension to their rehab facility. Opening up this property for sale will add another exciting piece for development.