West Chester has new members of Zoning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals


Our volunteer Board of Zoning Commission and Zoning Appeals have new members. Discover what these important Boards do to support our Township.

This week the West Chester Board of Trustees appointed new members and alternates to the West Chester Board of Zoning Appeals and West Chester Zoning Commission. These Boards oversee the implementation of our West Chester Zoning Resolution. Click here for the PDF of the West Chester Zoning Code.

West Chester Zoning Commission

The Board of Zoning Commission is afive-member board with one alternate. The members are appointed for five years. They meet at the Township Hall once a month, if needed. There meeting schedule and videos of past meetings are here. This Board works closely with the West Chester Community Development Department.

With the appointments made by the Board of Trustees last meeting, the volunteer members of the Board of Trustees are:

Jim Hahn

Doug Rinnert

Mark Murphy

James Williams

Larry Whited

Richard Grow (new member)

Alternate - Mrs. Meridy Glenn (new member)

This Board looks at cases in which the land someone wants to develop is not zoned the way a developer wants to use it. Say a developer bought a piece of farmland that was zoned Agricultural (A-1). The Board of Zoning Commission would look at the proposed idea for the property and decide if the change makes sense. They could change it to a Business District, Residencial district, or Planned Unit Developments (PUD).

From the West Chester website, in its review of Planned Unit Developments and Olde West Chester development plans, the Zoning Commission carries significant influence over the site design, as well as the appearance of buildings, landscaping, and amenities. On rezoning requests and text amendments, the Commission submits a recommendation to the Board of Trustees. In all cases, the Commission accepts public comment, reviews all submitted evidence, and after careful deliberation enters a formal decision or recommendation.

Stay in Touch with Ann Becker

West Chester Board of Zoning Appeals

Randy Simmons

Evan Thomas

Chris Cavens

Barry Riddell

Cliff Hackney

Dick Lenz

The West Chester Board of Zoning Appeals is a five-member board with one alternate. It is composed of volunteer West Chester residents appointed by the Board of Trustees.  Find past videos and agendas from this Board here.

From the West Chester Website: The Board of Zoning Appeals acts as an independent appellate board, which hears land use matters arising under the West Chester Zoning Resolution such as variance and conditional use requests.

The Board also acts as a final authority regarding interpretations of the Zoning Resolution. The West Chester Board of Zoning Appeals holds jurisdiction over the following matters: appeals, variances, conditional use/special exceptions, non-conforming use substitution/extension, temporary structures and use, Property Maintenance Code appeals

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