UPDATE: Cincinnati-Dayton Road Construction

Cincinnati - Dayton Road Construction

The construction on Cincinnati Dayton Road is moving along on schedule, even with all the rain.

The west side lanes north of Lesourdsville-West Chester Road are having the curbs poured this week. The gravel is down and packed. Once the curbs are done the west side lanes will be paved. This section did not have storm water sewers. That is why the construction team has been digging out the shoulder section of the road. The storm sewers should be done next week.

The bridge in front of St. John’s is finishing up. The bridge should be done next week.

The next phase is south of Lesourdsville-West Chester. This section does already have storm sewers, so they will connect the old line with the new line. They are also going to tear out the sidewalks and install new to match the new sidewalks being put in on the northside of Lesourdsville-West Chester.

The work on Cincinnati-Dayton should be done before the snow flies.

Please support the local businesses on Cincinnati-Dayton. They need your support.