How West Chester helped the victims of the Dayton tornados


This week the West Chester Trustees entered into a mutual aid agreement with Beavercreek Township in Greene County, about 30 miles north of us. This township was devastated by the Memorial Day tornadoes.

During the clean up West Chester, along with several other communities, sent trucks, tools and support up to the Dayton area in coordination with the Ohio Emergency Management Agency.

I spoke with one of the Trustees in Beavercreek Township. She said, months after the tornados they are still working to clear trees from the ground. She appreciates the help that West Chester sent and all the prayers and good wishes.

More information about how West Chester helped from Community Services Director, Tim Franck: Community Services sent help north to neighbors in need after early summer storms tore through portions of Ohio. In the days after the storm, West Chester joined numerous municipalities and organizations in providing assistance to the Dayton and Beavercreek communities.

West Chester Community Services lent two trucks and two public works staff to aid with recovery efforts hauling fallen tree debris from homes in Beavercreek Township to a central collection. Beavercreek Township is located about 35 miles north of West Chester Township in Greene County. Beavercreek Township has been declared a disaster area and federal assistance granted. We do anticipate being partially reimbursed for our work in Beavercreek Township by FEMA.

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