How do we maintain our West Chester Roads

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One of the essential services of our local government is the maintenance of our public roads. If our roads are in good quality, it keeps our drivers and pedestrians safe and gives a trusted path for consumers to get to our local businesses and manufacturers to move there goods to market.

The Department of West Chester Township that handles our road maintenance is our Community Services Department. That department includes our Roads Division.

The West Chester Road Division maintains about 220 miles of road in the Township, handling everything from snow removal to sweeping to paving.

The staff of the road division, part of the Community Services Department, also maintains and repairs curbs, berms, catch basins, culverts, and potholes; trims overgrown trees in the right-of-way; mows right-of-way along Township streets and cleans ditches.

Our Community Services Departement works with several different government entities to share the responsibility of our roads. Many of our neighborhood roads are maintained by our Township, but most of the main roads… I call them the stop light roads… are maintained either by the State of Ohio’s Ohio Department of Transportation or our Butler County Engineers office.

Our Township roads, culverts, curbs and catch basins are considered assets of the Township. They are physical items that the government ‘owns’ and must keep a record of for insurance and maintenance purposes. All of our assets are inspected every year for deterioration and assessed on longevity.

These inspections are used to determine what the top priorities are each year for repair or replacement.

If you have a concern about your road please contact our roads department. Our residents know the land around their home better than anyone if you have an issue please submit a service request. That can be done online here:

Our record keeping is done in a software program called Cartegraph. This system keeps track of each asset, all the maintenance did on the road or storm pipe, all of the inspections and upcoming work.

The following roads are not included in our system because they are the responsibility of other government entities:

Roads Maintained by the Ohio Department of Transportation

State Route 747

Interstate 75

State Route 42 (Cincinnati-Columbus Road)

Roads Maintained by the Butler County Engineer's Office

Smith Road

Beckett Road

Tylersville Road

Port Union Road

Muhlhauser Road

Cincinnati-Dayton Road

Union Centre Boulevard

Lakota Drive West

Crescentville Road (from Cincinnati-Dayton Road to Windisch Road)

Crescentville Road (north half from Chesterdale to State Route 4).

Springdale is responsible for south half (513) 777-6835

Cox Road (north of Tylersville Road to Liberty Way)

West Chester Road (between Cincinnati-Dayton Road and Beckett/Rialto Road)

Street intersections at the above locations (except at ODOT intersections)

Traffic lights at the above locations (except at ODOT intersections)

Traffic lights on Tylersville Road at Interstate 75

Other Jurisdictions

Crescentville Road (from Windisch Road to Chesterdale) and Fields Ertel Road are the responsibility of the City of Sharonville. They can be reached at (513) 563-1177.

Butler-Warren Road (east half, just south of Tylersville Road to Barret Road) is the responsibility of City of Mason. They can be reached at (513) 459-1665.

Butler-Warren Road - Fields Ertel Road to Lake Chetac is the responsibility of Warren County.

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