Construction on Tylersville Road in 2020

Tylersville Road

Tylersville road has been underconstruction for awhile with more work to come. This week the West Chester Trustees voted to approve the deisgn of new fencing to go along the I75 bridge on Tylersville. In 2020, the Community Services Department is working with ODOT on updating the Tylersville Road overpass. This project will include removal and replacement of the parapet wall and vandal fencing, along with resurfacing the bridge deck. ODOT is willing to allow the Township to pursue a plan for an alternate decorative fence at this overpass as a part of this project.

The Tylersville Road overpass is in a TIF District, however funding in that new TIF is limited. Funding for a design is being proposed to be paid utilizing Roads Funds in 2019. If a decorative fence is approved and subsequently installed as a part of the ODOT project, consideration will need to be given to budgeting from the General Fund in 2020 to pay for the improvement.

The township is doing similar work at Union Centre Boulevard, updating the decorative fencing to help brand and be welcoming to our community. We are working with the Kleingers Group for the design of this fence. The design work will cost the taxpayers $34,100.

This work is separate from the work going on on Tylersville Road itself. That project was supposed to start in 2019, but was delayed by the Butler County Engineers office after bids came in higher than expected.

That project, to ease congestion on Tylersville, would add an additional westbound lane on Tylersville Road between Cox Road and the northbound Interstate 75 entrance ramp. The bridge over I-75 will be restriped to include an additional eastbound lane.

Modifications will also be done on Dudley and Doc drives near Tylersville Road. Signal improvements will be made at the intersection of Tylersville Road with Dudley Drive/Kingsgate Way.

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