Updates to Keehner Park

Keehner Park Courts.jpg

Keehner Park is continuing to be upgraded this year. The new addition this summer is our new multipurpose courts. The upgrade will include two basketball courts and new goals for each court. It will also include one tennis court, two pickle ball courts and a multipurpose court area. The contractor will mill down the existing court, add a stabilization fabric, and install new paving.

The milling of the old courts started this week.

One aspect of the improvement is the fence around the courts.  The Board has approved a contract with Mills Fence Company to replace the fence. We originally planned to remove a portion of the existing fence around the courts, complete the work, and then reinstall the existing fence. It was determined that some of the fence posts were in the existing pavement and some were not. There was concern the fence posts in the pavement may cause an issue down the road with the new pavement.

 The new fence will be installed in the grass around the perimeter of the new multiuse courts, and eliminate the chance the fence posts will impact the new pavement down the road.

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