Volunteer for your Voice of America Park


Friends of the Butler County MetroParks are looking for volunteers to help support our parks. A Butler County MetroPark in West Chester is the Voice of America Park.

Did you know that volunteering with MetroParks has a multitude of benefits and rewards? Along with the selfsatisfaction of improving the community and helping Metroparks carry out it’s mission to “…provide an exceptional park system that maximizes the community’s quality of life through conservation, education, and recreation”, YOU can receive incentives and rewards!

Some of the rewards include free admission to MetroParks facilities for special events and/or programs, invitation to special Volunteer events, as well as, an extensive list of rewards including: shelter/facility rentals, camping, water recreation rentals, and new this year- Volunteer clothing options!

Non-Butler County Volunteers who volunteer at least 10 hours within a calendar year and log them with MetroParks can receive one annual motor vehicle permit for the following calendar year, as well as, qualify for the other volunteer rewards! To see the current list of rewards, please visit our website at www.YourMetroParks.net/supportus/volunteering. On the Volunteer page, you can see the current Volunteer Policy (rewards are listed on page 8), apply to be a volunteer either individually or as a group and have access to commonly used forms for the department.

Support our parks.