Spending at the West Chester Trustee Meeting - September 10, 2019

The 9/11 memorial ceremony at Chesterwood Village.

The 9/11 memorial ceremony at Chesterwood Village.

Here is your update on what money was spent at the West Chester Trustee meeting on September 10, 2019.

$35,732.25 MP Digital – Provide professional services, software and training for Laserfiche

Our Township has fallen a bit behind when it comes to our paperless society. We have a lot of pen and paper forms that still need to be filled out to get things done in our administration. That changes today.  At this weeks meeting, our Board voted to approve the use of Laserfiche.

 Laserfiche will help the Township manage and process information in an efficient and streamlined manner. The Laserfiche software solution will be designed to meet the Township’s specific needs. As a document management tool, Laserfiche delivers the right content to the right person through an optimized decision-making process.

Laserfiche is a leading document management solution with benefits including document archiving, workflow processes and forms.

Laserfiche will enhance daily operations, create efficient record management to

preserve public documents and quickly create forms for internal and external users.  It will also give residents greater transparency to our day to day functions.

This software will touch all of our Township departments – Administration, HR, Police, Fire, Zoning, Economic Development, Finance, IT and Public Communications.

$35,466.12 Dell Marketing, Inc. – Purchase 45 computers per five-year replacement plan. The units scheduled for replacement are no longer supported by warranty and beyond end of life term for functionality.  We also moved to sell the old computers at fair market value.

New Computers.JPG

 $29,527.78 Emcor – Replace server and upgrade Township access control software.

Safety is a big concern for our staff and for the equipment stored in our Township offices. The Emcor software that is being purchased at this meeting is responsible for door locking and access control at the safety services facility and administration campus buildings. Creation of access/identification badges, logging of access attempts by staff and remote locking/unlocking/monitoring of doors at these locations. CCURE also allows for monitoring of some cameras, however, is the feed between all cameras and the server(s) and recording devices.

Current access control is facilitated through CCURE 800 software, initially installed more than 10 years ago. The parent software company is no longer supporting CCURE 800 on server nor workstation installations. Of significance, the existing software is not compatible with Windows 10. This has required workstations that view and operate access controls within the Township be maintained (not replaced). If approved, this upgrade will bring the system to the current version with continued support from vendors and can operate on Windows 10 computers.

New Zoning Code: Approve agreement between West Chester Township Board of Trustees and McBride Dale Clarion for professional services in creating a new West Chester Zoning Resolution and updating the West Chester Comprehensive Land Use Plan not to exceed $110,000.00

West Chester Community Development is seeking to undertake the largest and most dynamic project regarding West Chester Zoning in nearly 30 years by completely updating our West Chester Zoning Resolution. The current West Chester Zoning Resolution was originally adopted in 1989 and has been amended 18 times.

As a result of these various amendments, the document is no longer cohesive and has not developed to represent West Chester’s status as a premier community for residents and businesses. As such, West Chester has incurred substantial legal fees associated with unclear zoning.

In order to better reflect West Chester’s prominence and set the table for even more transformative growth, Community Development sought experienced firms to guide the process through a public RFP/RFQ process.

 At this weeks meeting, we hired McBride Dale Clarion to guide us through this process.  There will be four public meetings throughout the year to gain citizen input into the changes of the code.

 Learn more about this process here: https://www.annbecker.com/updates/updating-our-west-chester-zoning-code

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