Ann Becker

West Chester Trustee

I am committed to keeping West Chester one of the best places to live in America. 

I am invested in our community.  I want to keep our quality of life high for my family and for yours.  I will do that through keeping the cost of our government down, being business friendly and maintaining our public safety. 

We will do this by being fiscally responsible with our money and being very careful about our decisions moving forward.

  • Voting is upon us. November 7th is this Tuesday. Make sure you head to the polls. For the full term for West Chester Trustee, I am voting for Mark Welch.  You can cast two votes in that race, but I am only voting for the fiscal conservative Welch.  Mark is endorsed by the Butler County Republican Party West Chester Region and has served West Chester well. For the open seat, I am voting for myself.  I am endorsed for by the Butler County Republican Party. For Lakota School Board, I am voting for Todd Parnell. Todd Parnell is running for

  • My principles – I will stand for fiscal responsibility, don’t spend money we don’t have and keep money in the hands of our businesses and residents. I will stay focused on what makes our Township great – quality road maintenance and a strong police and fire department. Economic Development Currently, West Chester has 21% of its and left to develop. As the next West Chester Trustee, I will be a good steward of that land – working to make sure that the development balances quality of life for current residents and developers. We must make sure that our police and

  • West Chester is faced with a question for our future. Where do we want to go for the next 25 years?​Do we want to have a community that lives large, spending what we have on lavish infrastructure or do we live with fiscal responsibility, spending conservatively and having a strong community that we pass on to the next generation?I would like to see us live in a community that looks forward to the next generation.​Over the past 25 years, West Chester has been guided by our 2025 Vision. A plan that looked into the future – gathering together residents from